Hey everyone!

I’ve been inspired to create a blog that showcases all of Angus’s siblings! And I don’t mean just the furry ones! I just whipped together this blog:


If you love all sorts of animals feel free to check it out. There I will post stories and updates about all of my critters including Angus!

It’s a work in progress, but it will be exciting once I have more stuff together to post!


Daisy -cat

Hera- Columbian Red Tailed Boa

*Newbie*- Central American Boa

Swiper- Ferret

Peaches- Ferret

Irwin- Axolotl

Cleo- Leopard Gecko

Winton- Betta Fish

Thanks for checking it out! <3

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"Mom, whats up with the weird cat in the house?"

Beach bumming.

My handsome little devil. I adore this cat.

Halloween is just around the corner! Have a peek at my handsome little sheriff. haha. Poor kitten.

Angus wants to learn about Life History Adaptations in Avian Clutch sizes today.

Angus likes riding in the car. He likes being co-pilot and trying to be the driver at stop lights and stop signs. haha.

Always together… and the best of friends. <3 

Angus got to pick out his own treats at the store this week. #petsmart

Angus went and got himself stuck in a plastic bag… hahah. “Help mom! “I’m stuck. Get me out of this thing!”